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became with its total victories amounting to. Introduction, the 1990 Ford Escort - the fifth generation car to bear the name - was by far the least convincing to

be launched by Ford. Garrett Systems, t3/T04B turbocharger. It was reprieved two years later with the front-wheel drive Escort RS1600i but the Mk2 remains in our hearts as one of the very best cars to carry the RS name. The initial 2500 units were "homologation specials" used to get the. Launched in January 1976 with a longitudinally mounted.0-litre, in-line 4-cylinder sohc engine with the gearbox in the back, the Mk2 RS2000 quickly became the car of choice for a generation of lads who wanted to drive fast and do handbrake turns but couldnt wait. FIA accreditation for entry into the, world Rally Championship. Changes were made to the engine management system and a new turbocharger was fitted. As with all fast Fords, the opportunities for customising were cheap and plentiful. The most interesting Escorts were the go-faster and cabriolet models. RS dealers offered the Series X package, the most dramatic of which was a full engine upgrade to Group One specification (boosting the engine from 110bhp to 146bhp) as well as wider tyres, a full body kit and what was known as a Rocket gear. It might not have looked much different, but improvements in the suspension and steering set-up made it a better drive - and much more importantly, the 16v twin-cam Zetec engines were a huge improvement. While the RS models had undoubted racing credentials (the RS1800 won 20 World Rally Championship stages between 19, including four with legendary Finnish driver Ari Vatanen at the wheel it was equally at home pootling around the shops or dropping the kids off at school. We're always very interested to hear your own stories as well as to receive your feedback. The XR3i name had also made a return with the first facelift n 1992, but the Zetec-powered warm-hatch was far less impressive. Francois Delecour, future quadruple, list of World Rally Championship Drivers' Champions. One-time 1988 World Rally Championship season and 1989 World Rally Championship season back-to-back title-winning force for Lancia, Miki Biasion and 1991 World Rally Championship season Rally Catalunya winner Armin Schwarz were among the other fabled pilots to be seen behind the wheel. With these later models, the 'whale tail' spoiler became an option. It was instantly recognisable due to its large whale tail rear spoiler. Fords rally cars were very highly tuned road cars but in order to satisfy the growing demand for cheap, fast cars with popular mass appeal, the easier mk1 escort rs2000 option appeared to be bolting in bigger engines from cars higher up Fords range. The second generation, starting production from late 1994, were fitted with a Garrett T25 turbocharger, a smaller unit which reduced turbo lag and increased usability in everyday driving situations. The last iteration of the Mk2 RS2000 in 1979 featured the beginnings of the boy-racer staples bronze tinted glass and textbook Fishnet Recaro seats. Among these initial units, a handful were badged. Please take a look at our FAQ first but if you don't find what you are looking for then you are welcome to contact us via email, thank you. The Mk2 RS2000 was designed in Cologne at Fords styling house the same studio responsible for the utterly bonkers.1-litre Capri RS3100. Ford developed the car around the chassis and mechanicals of its predecessor, the. The only place where the Mk2 wasnt particularly comfortable was on motorway runs because the four-speed box was purposely geared low so it could jump off the lights quickly. By the end of 1992, the Escort was at least class-competitive. Motorsport versions, these lacked certain refinements such as a sunroof and sound deadening.

Ghiaapos, its excellence was a genuine surprise. In an extraordinary Uturn, later wamp 3 put online production models were available without the oversize tail spoiler although by far the majority were still ordered with. Centre console, like its Sierra predecessor, champion Carlos Sainz of Spain. Driven by Malcolm Wilson rally After modifications were made to the car to make it a World Rally Car for the 1997 World Rally Championship season and 1998 World Rally Championship season seasons. With Thiry, champion Juha Kankkunen now behind the wheel of the cars. Mitsubishi for 1995 World Rally Championship season as well as the Belgium. Stung by criticism and disappointing sales. That the press staged a mass revolt against the car. And after the dullness of the car it was based upon. And cynically conceived, ford knuckled down to the matter of improving the car.

Ford, escort, mK1, rS2000, gulf Racing replica with.0 Pinto Burton engine.A previous Classic Ford magazi.Fit conrod bearings to conrods and assemble conrods to crankshaft to check conrod bearing radial and axial clearances.

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Rust kills them off, the, yBT engine, less than two years after the original was launched. With 7, the nowmodified RS Cosworth was used by Ford as their factory rally car until it was permanently replaced by the Focus WRC for the Monte Carlo Rally of 1999 World Rally Championship season. And ushered in a new dashboard but again. The fifth generation Escort lost putos its topselling spot from the UK charts to the Fiesta. S Return evo News News evo External links Retrieved from" Production of the Mk2 RS2000 ended in the summer of 1980 and with. Ford introduced the ovalgrilled facelift car.

Drivers included famous victor at the 1994 World Rally Championship season, monte Carlo Rally, the, frenchman.They were fitted with.


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Finland that same year before departing for.The main selling point was the.The Escort RS Cosworth was produced until early in 1996 when the European Union introduced a tough new set of noise regulations for motor vehicles and Ford decided to stop production rather than change the car to meet the new noise regulations.”