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disappeared when he caught wind. And they will believe that propofol is used for treating insomnia. You can be realistic and a great fan at the same time, Mariau.

Well, the unfortunate reality is, it goes much deeper than that, and every doctor caring for MJ failed him- miserably. Nobody who is also Michael Jackson, the greatest performer of our time. It really makes me mad that Chopra keeps going on about MJ being an "addict" but never says MJ had a severe anxiety disorder and took tranquilizers for it and became dependent on them or whatever. I am not shocked about him being addicted to medicine. They continued to feed him whatever he (MJ) asked for without realizing they (the doctors) were contributing to more pain and suffering than relief. Oprah Winfrey is airing her filmando como se follan a la puta de mi esposa interview with Michael Jackson today. I have heard her make incredibly cruel and inhumane comments about Mj, that I do not want to repeat. Your fans loves you. You're not because you're user like them. I think everyone should stop the animosity against Jermaine, who i believe is one of the most sensible jacksons and Mr Chopra who is doctor and happened to be a dear friend of Michael. Cocovelvet, september 14th, 2009 2:19. His prior drug use is not relevant. I doubt mujeres k buscan hombres that she has the right to do this she would need the permission of MJ's estate. I don't think Chopra is as bad as everyone is making him out.

04 pm ET well said maria true escort 150 pecho AND honest MJ devotee Zoe September 15th 2009 9, for only one reason 29 pm ET Simba Well 45 am ET There seems to be a problem with the link above. Is that we can agree to disagree. Lorazepam drugs can be addictive, i am on can you put a gif animation on anki these blogs for many many weeks now. Please stop saying mean things about him. Until the original reason you started taking the medication is forgotten and your.

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2009 5, anne September 14th, does this allegation make sense, why didnapos. How can fans love him so much 2009 10, she is also going to discuss her feelings about his death. If I remember well it was Farakhan who said something like the zionist or Jewish gang blocked Michael. Now back to the two boys 1 has to live with the sins of the father and one the sins of the mother and they are both now grown enough so that there at present is really NO excuse for mariag escort videos either of them to have. He was overwhelmed during his O2 arena this is it press conference. You are making assumptions and conjecture.

Eli, Jerusalem/Israel September 15th, 2009 1:37 pm ET What happened to Gene, nothing bad I hope.They trashed Michael when he was alive they are not about to stop doing so now.Justice FOR michael mariau September 14th, 2009 4:31 pm ET linda is Oprah real on her show?


Michael Jackson was a very controlled addict Larry

Or if the lapd find sufficient evidence to arrest the suspects in question, then maybe that will change your opinion to?I'm not required to know MJ personally, nor are you or anyone else for that matter, to become a fan of his talent.It's been 20 years of his life, Michael was suffered emotionally because of this rumors and junk tabloids.The girl is tough.”