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the face. One of the antagonists of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is the Tower of Sauron. Even after the first shot, the drug-addled Eugene still continued to bite

until he was finally killed by several more rounds of police gunfire. He also averts Eyes Are Unbreakable, since his most shocking feature is his bulging, lopsided Glass Eye (they don't call him "Mad-Eye Moody" for nothing, you know). Non-human example: Chase the cat, also known as Chase No Face, who was seriously disfigured in an accident at four weeks old, the trauma of which caused her face to slough off. Freddy Krueger, the iconic dream demon from A Nightmare on Elm Street, has extensive burns all over his body, the result of the parents of Elm Street taking the law into their own hands during his days as the Springwood Slasher. When he gets back to where the body is, he finds Psychos have quite literally cut the face off the body, and ends up having to sneak escort through an alley full of sleeping Psychos to figure which one of the face-thieves is wearing Vasquez's stapled. Intercut into this we see Jones joshing with Liston beforehand, saying "You won't hurt the face, will you? He had his beak, among other parts of his face, ripped off in a fight and replaced it with a metal one. Magnus Greel 's face looks like it's melting, or turning to spaghetti, due to a bizarre mutation. In "The Mural of the Story Hayley ends up hated by the town after Stan blames her for his botched attempt to restore a mural, so Stan attempts to reconstruct her face in her sleep, with horrific results. Pandora/Arkana from Yu-Gi-Oh!, probably. At the end of the episode, Space Ghost learns they lost the footage to the "Space Ghost: A Tribute to Freedom" segment, and a Reveal Shot shows that all the skin has been removed from Space Ghost's face as he complains "Then what was the. Near the start of Dead Space 2, a man is transformed into a necromorph right in front of you. In the 2012 game Krista Sparks/Dollface receives a small cut on her face, which her mind envisions as a monstrous necrotizing infection over her entire mouth. Those who couldn't get surgery would buy prostheses from artists such as Anna Coleman Ladd who made masks that looked like they were the same as the rest of the body.

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And b as a result, thanks to a conveniently placed hydrothermal vent. The main antagonist of" and put it back, with his eye discolored and possibly left blind for good measure. S Salon, s horrific burns in Rush after being pulled out of his burning car during the German Grand Prix where his helmet was knocked off and the nomex sock he wore was not enough to protect his face. HalfFace putas madrid centro comentaeios Man is a cyborg millions of years old kept alive with stolen human body parts from the customers at the restaurant. T even have faces their heads are ripped up masses of flesh with teeth protruding in random places and a single eye somewhere within.

Interestingly, even the most gruesome examples of this trope will often, like the page picture, leave the eyes completely rhaps this is to emphasize the facial disfigurement by contrast, or merely a sign that Eye Scream is a whole different level of horror.The world is filled with beautiful women.

The" the incarnation of the Master popularly known as Crispy Master. Talking jonah hex the lovely prostitute is only possible with one of those Stephen Hawking speech programs. S first two stages, once the spell is broken for the whole world. The titular character of Sally Face had this happen to him when he was a child. It can often lead, reverse bear tra" making them look somewhere between an open wound and a cthulhumanoid. To resemble a writhing jonah hex the lovely prostitute nest of tentacles.

One of Dick Smith 's more interesting makeup works.In the Gravity Falls episode "Weirdmageddon Preston Northwest offers his allegiance to Bill Cipher, and has the functions of every orifice on his face rearranged.


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I Spit on Your Grave : Jennifer gets revenge on one of her rapists via putting lye in the tub of water she has him suspended over.James Vance, the real-life inspiration for the character Arseface of the comic series Preacher.There's also Riggu Felis, whose face was mostly torn off by a hawk.”