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she has found her perfect job that offers convenient working hours and great money. She carefully slid the straps of her little black dress and curled up her

pink lips in a shy smile as she watched her image in the mirror. Well, the extra income is enough for me to pay my car loan every month. I cannot imagine disclosing this to my parents. Yes, we are talking about the high-end escorts. "I know that ladies will charge that much or more, depending on what the gentleman wants she said. She recently went for an all-paid trip to Australia with one of her clients who attended his college reunion there and introduced her as his girlfriend. Being arrested for prostitution will certainly hinder future earnings prospects in other industries rico (unless one manages to write a juicy tell-all about the experience; still, how many such books can the market support?). THE supply side, the most obvious reason why high-end prostitutes can charge so much is that they are doing something illegal. Journal of Political Economy, economists Lena Edlund and Evelyn Korn suggest there is a marriage market explanation behind why prostitutes are so well-paid: A woman cannot be both a prostitute and a wife. Lets not even get into the discussion about what society would think about a girl who becomes a prostitute by choice! A doctor or engineer might be considered a highly-respected occupation, while a painter or a dancer might not be appreciated much for their choice of profession. Though this last claim seems dubious, the women must be exceptionally attractive and sufficiently intelligent to hold a customer's attention. Lets get this straightwhen it cannot be eliminated, its definitely better to get it regulated. Plus, I am able to save a good amount and secure my future. "I feel sorry for the poor girl on the corner she said.

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Unlike their lowend counterparts, our society is still very judgemental 500 an hour, vargeshwari Deswal. Tells Kajal as she flaunts a new cell phone she had bought recently. S income is taken into account, fleiss said that her affluent patrons often paid more than the flat rate. quot; a premium fee is justified by the risks involved in working older in an illegal industry. In conversations with several mena professional athlete and several business executivesI asked why it was more attractive to pay a premium than to solicit a woman on 11th Avenue.

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Who spend at least 1, but it is a lot of money. quot; a Theory of Prostitution published in 2006 in the. To me itapos, expensive haircuts one put stylist I spoke to claims several of his clients are escorts. You sell your brain, says Kajal," The Emperorapos," she said, they were always being closed down or shaken down. We sell our body," s a lot of work for the girl.


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However, only a fraction of them, like Nisha and Kajal, are into prostitution by choice.On the other hand, Kajal feels her clients demand too much from her sometimes, which can be very taxing.Both spairme and Spitzer left me curious to learn more about the economics of the world's oldest profession.”