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live bait. You can do this through the eye sockets above or in front of the eyes (not through them or through a hole in its back near

the head. Any of these hook methods will maximize the fish's ability to swim with a natural motion to attract predator fish. Turns out they are extremely. 4 Put the hook point through the loop on the opposite side putas of the fish. Tie a flexible thin wire to the shank of the hook, then wrap it carefully around the insect to affix it to the hooked section. 9 Fasten the bridle in place. Now thread the worm through the point of the hook, until it cover the shank of the shank of the hook. Hold the lighter flame over the two ends until they are melted enough that they cannot pass through the knot. Part 39, How to make a Lizard trap for Fishing. 2, bait with crayfish tail in freshwater or brackish water and shrimp tail in saltwater. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in fishing and would like to learn how to put bait on a fishing rod. Pierce through several smaller worms or cut up worm halves to hide the hook in a mass of wriggling worms. The vital organs are mostly in the front and should be avoided. To force it to swim downward instead, hook into the mouth and exit through the gills. Ask at the bait shop what kind of local fish your target eats, too. Don't go any deeper than necessary to get under the main shell segment, or you may kill the crayfish. In this video I will show you how to easily catch crickets for feeding to your pet lizard, frog, or for fishing! Trout are especially attracted to insects. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 7 Pass the loop end up over the fishing hook and underneath the knot. With the head of the worm, put the hook into the side of the head. Method 2 Using Dead or Artificial Bait 1, use fish pieces to attract fish that hunt by scent. 5 Buy artificial bait for the right depth. This forces the fish to swim more frantically and head-downwards, attracting attention. Part 35, How To Fly Fishing. 6 Pass the hook through the gap between the fish and the twists. You should now be able to let go of the line and just keep hold the hook and fish. Many fish feed on minnow, but make sure you pick a size appropriate for your target fish to eat. If your bait keeps coming off your hook, switch to a hook with more barbs, or one better suited in size and shape to your fishing purpose.

Fishermen add anything from cheese to garlic to this recipe in their efforts to attract an individual fish species. In addition to customizing for your fishapos. Shape or the base of the" Many fishermen prepare tributaria bridles and hooks of several sizes so they are prepared for any size bait fish they happen to catch. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Use minnow as a general purpose bait fish or specialize with another variety. If you are dragging the bait behind you in a moving boat trolling hook the fish under its jaw and exit through the top.

Very different situations, both with live, the first vid shows a very natural presentation, the second is meant more to keep the the.Shrimp can be live, fresh dead, frozen cooked, etc.

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Catfish, hide the puta end of the hook in the meat 1, for fishing while still or moving slowly. MKrazyKids The Lizard caught in this video. You can hook it through both nostrils 6 Prepare to tie your bridle to the fishing hook. It should pass above the J bend of the fishing hook and between the two sides of line next to the knot end.

The lizard is popular for bait.Here i want to show you How to put a lizard bait on hook for snakehead fish.


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3 Tie the ends of the line together.This takes up slack in the line and brings the hook closer to the fish.A thick cord of Dacron (also called Terylene or Lavsan outside the.S.) works well.”