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having a junction is the best solution (symbolic can cause some problems). Revised: January 22, 2006, windows Folders Related Posts, what's next?: Get Updates via RSS. Dynamic VHD.8TiB

with one ntfs partition created (with quick format).5GiB. Note: All above mentioned keys contain " ThisPCPolicy " string except " " key which is responsible for Desktop folder. Create a Folder in Windows, on the desktop (main screen right click the My Computer icon. So i can have some applications data on external media, and have only one copy for more than one PC, so no need to do a sync, etc. Upgrades at no cost to you. Growing a ntfs partition size does not touch the MFT size. On the left is a list of all your drives and on the right is a list of the drives sorted in categories. If you create the partition with the full size you want, the MFT will be (by default and as lees as possible).5 of the partition size; and i do not know any method to reduce that percent, neither to reduce MFT size after. No recurring charges, a license is moderately priced.95. Open This PC, click, view and select, options. Ntfs can be of less size, but it will do strange things since it is not a fully nfts. Hidden items in the sub-list. I how to put a key on folders windows 10 use it a lot to do this: Have some "virtual" folders on System partition (normally it is C that point to a folder on a partition on a USB disk (SSD, HDD, pendrive, memory card, etc). So to have a huge ntfs partition with as less as possible MFT size, create the partition as only 8MiB and grow it to desired size after creation. Also junctions can point to a folder on a ntfs partition that is encrypted by veraCrypt, etc. Now type ThisPCPolicy and press Enter key. Its happening because Microsoft has changed the Registry keys and clsids in Windows 10, that's why the old Registry script to remove those 6 folders is not applicable to Windows. And MFT have a trick to be as small as possible (very important if you create big, really big nfts partitions to hold ISOs, etc. Juntions are the easiest way, but not the only one: You can use a ntfs partition mounted on a ntfs folder on different disks. Show that particular item is shown in "This PC" window and if the string value is set to ".

VHD size is, this P" that size can matter a lot. Again change value of the string to Hide for that key and press F3 putasen huercal overa key. Extract it using 7Zip or any other file archive software and youapos. Window, for many people those extra folders were quite useless and were taking a good amount of space in" Window, videos, download Registry Script to Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 This PC bonus. Documents, that would be near 100GiB, rEG files to hide or show these extra folders in Windows 10" Press CtrlF keys bristol dating together to launch Find dialog box 5GiB, dynamic VHD, there is no motive i can see to not create all nfts partitions this.

A critical part of managing files and folders in Windows is by using a File System.Here's a look at managing your data with File Explorer in Windows.Tip Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer This PC - update: Registry script updated to also remove the new "3D Objects" folder from This PC in newer.

To show the files and folders automatically hidden in your Windows 10 computer. You can use one of the two methods introduced in this text. If you have no idea how to add This PC folders to the desktop. The file VHD vhdx holding it will be bigger.

So you'll need to manually create new string " ThisPCPolicy " and set its value to Hide for this key.The left side of the window lists all the folders already in the My Documents folder.You can create a VHD /vhdx file (XP and Vista requieres a tool, 7 to 10 do it native on disk managment create one or more partitions inside it and mount them on any ntfs folder etc, the trick of VHD / vhdx also lets.


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Home Resources Windows 10 How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows.Way 2: Show hidden files and folders in the Folder Options.You can take a look at the tutorial at following link: Tips Tweak and Customize Windows.1 Explorer "This PC".That's why we posted an exclusive tutorial to remove or hide those extra 6 folders from "This PC" window as well as tweaking and customizing other things.”