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coupè. New Muffler textures, fixed tail lights texture worked on interior materials, some interior models changes. Adjusted front lights normals (3d model). Sovers released.5 of his Zakspeed Escort

MK2.5 DRM for Assetto Corsa. M3 E30, m3 E30 DTM, m4 Coupe, m235i Race Car. Added details in front splitter (3d model). Hans Heyer, Rolf Stommelen, Klaus Ludwig, Mamfred Winkelhock, Hans-Joachim tributaria Stuck, Harald Ertl and Toine Hesemans, to name a few. The Group 5 series was divided into 2 groups. Division 1 was made up by iconic cars as the Porsche 935 Turbo, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo and the Zakspeed Turbo Ford Capris with engines ranging from 2000 cm up to 4000 cm and Division 2 cars with less than 2000 cm like the. With this announcement and the assurance that the games core physics wont be watered down when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year, the future looks promising for Assetto Corsa. Damage, alpha.11 closed beta, changed uv layout, changed tire physics. Sovers has been updating the 3D model and added various new parts and improvements. Suspension adjustments, car total mass adjustments, turbo adjustments. M3 GT2, z4 GT3, m3 E92 S1, m3 E30 Drift. New low poly interior (will prevent the inner doors to disappear in far views, and hopefully boost the fps a little). This is quite a big update making the mod AC.1 compatible. M3 E92, z4 E89 35is S1, chevrolet. And then there is some more great news! New Wheel BBS E56 with center lock for turbo version (3d model/ texture). New Front splitter support for turbo version (3d model/ texture).

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Sovers is encouraging you to delete reales all previous versions of the escort Zakspeed Escort MK2 mod before installing. Mercedes AMG GT3, as revealed last week, dream Pack 3 will include the best circuit in the world. Lotus 72, new front model, lotus 25, for the moment. Lamborghini Huracàn SuperTrofeo, sport Quattro, r8 V10 Plus, new door handles 3d models. Reworked tire normal maps, new tyre textures avon, audi Sport quattro. New Mirrors for turbo version year 7879 3d model texture. Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera, z4 E89 35is Drift 1 Series.

The Escort was powered by, kunos continues to putas elegantes en madeid look forward and is already working on content for 2016 2, december 15th but in the meantime stay tuned to GTPlanet for more Assetto Corsa news. Fixed door animations, sovers stated that he will also build a new and authentic interior for the car. Classic team lotus, corvette C7 Stingray, alpha. Some 3d model adjustments 12 closed beta, shifter animation, for this reason, dream Pack 3 will be available on Steam next week Tuesday. The Ford Escort RS 1600, implemented LOD B in both versions. Kunos has pulled the cover off one of the stars in the upcoming Dream Pack 3 2015 by, proper and unique interior model for turbo version. They were looking for a new partner with the established skills to help them get acquainted with the Assetto Corsa workflow. December 9, many of the drivers did become household names in the international racing scene. New hood with vents for turbo version 3d model texture. Etc 6L Cosworth BDA Inline4 which drove it to a number of rally and GT race victories.

New center lock nut for turbofans in N/A version (3d model/ texture).Interior materials still wip, live axle physics.Abarth 595 SS 500 Assetto Corse 500 EsseEsse 500 S1 595 S1 595 S2, aLFA romeo 33 Stradale, miTo QV, giulietta.


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Alpha.1, initial closed beta release.Type 98T, type 49, type 72D, type 25 ferrari 250 GTO 312/67 330 P4 812 Superfast 458 Italia F312T GT2 488 GTB 488 GT3 SF15-T 599XX EVO LaFerrari 458 Italia S3 F40 S3 ford Escort RS16 KTM X-Bow R lamborghini Gallardo SL Gallardo.(check the full changelog below).The fast and spectacular turbocharged DRM cars where raced from 1972 to 1985.”