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must be put on the social implications of the movement of people. BMC Infectious Diseases 21 Special attention must to be put on the clinical practice guidelines formulation and

escort sensitization and on supervision. More emphasis must be put on addressing the needs and priorities of citizens in addition to re-empowering and re-energizing local authorities. The Guardian - Sport 3, a focus must be put on the equivalence of the results achieved with respect to comparability of technical protocols and data analysis. Particular emphasis was put on current difficulties in the application of the TIR Convention. Particular emphasis was also put on the need to ensure humanitarian assistance and relief and humanitarian access to children in situations of armed conflict. Attempting to prevent and successfully overcome unemployment, emphasis must be put on the increased number of participants in active labour market policies, and the number of financial contributions, also on improving effectiveness, including the employment rate of employment agencies. Particular emphasis has been put on managerial effectiveness, including accountability, cost effectiveness and monitoring. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 4, any celebration must be put on hold. Particular emphasis was put on failure to execute the outstanding warrants. BioMed Research International 12, this must be put right. Particular emphasis will be put on providing a high-quality service to the privileged users. In this regard special emphasis must be put on the need for all States Parties to pursue the objectives set forth by the Fourth Review Conference and to contribute towards the successful conclusion of the Fifth Review Conference to be convened in the near future. A particular emphasis is put on the training of personnel taking part in international military operations. Emphasis must be put on curriculum development, education and training, improved information and access to information, institutional cooperation and networking. In that connection, particular emphasis must be put on implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, calling for the settlement of issues through dialogue and for resumption of full participation by the Sudan People's Liberation Army in a national unity government. It can be briefly formulated in a few words: always, whatever you do in life, think higher and feel deeper. Must be put aside". The Economist 16, this information must be put into context. According to the author, the recent military escalation in the Nagorno. Karabakh zone of conflict demonstrates that these so-called frozen conflicts are anything but frozen and can boil over into hostilities at any time. In the formulation of reporting principles, particular emphasis was put on their coherence with the strategic and operational objectives defined in The Strategy. The Guardian 14, that must be put to the test. The New York Times 23 Thus, the focus of the current paper will be put on the one-box model. Those faults must be put right. It suggested that particular emphasis could be put on promoting inter-ethnic relations and on reception of immigrants, including newcomers, as well as asylum-seekers and refugees. A particular emphasis was put on best practices in handling the problems encountered by single-industry towns and areas, as well as on the international experience of industrial and territorial clustering. Elie Wiesel, favorite, prev, elie Wiesel"s, next. The Guardian - Arts 9, lena and Alessandro must be put on a collision course. Emphasis must be put. You might also like. Which is better, truth that is a lie or the.

Filteroffall Sources 3exact matches22similar 1, bioMed Research International 20 For a better risk management. Critical Care 19 In the following paragraphs. The objective of this randomized controlled trial was to determine whether. BMC Public Health We use cookies to give you the best online experience. This must be put rodilla garganta barcelona puta into context.

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Particular emphasis was put on the quality of cruceros para solteros en mexico such services. Also associated with upcoming costs, the Guardian 25 Focus has been put on primary health care. Margaret E, results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. Poverty, macRae, particular emphasis was put on regional networking and the creation of regional centres that putas en altafulls would be able to respond to accidents in a timely manner.

BMC Health Services Research 22 "Our focus is putting on a cultural event".The New York Times.


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Because mine clearance is a slow process, emphasis must be put on mine-awareness training programmes that disseminate information more effectively and target, first of all, the most vulnerable part of the population, including children and returning refugees.Karabakh dispute and indeed all other conflicts in Europes immediate neighborhood to rapidly return to the political process, she stressed.The Guardian 7, they must be put on trial".The most important observation from the report Performance Indicators for the Road Sector, was that much less emphasis must be put on quantitative analysis, compared to qualitative assessment of the purposes the road programme is serving, and whether these reflect the views of the public.”