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different pattern: Aoes now originates in the center of Platform 6 1-. White Mantle Cultist: Notify Xera and await her orders. This attack will gain an additional blade

every 25 health the Keep Construct loses, capping at three blades. This name for this wing was revealed on June 07, putas torejon 2016 with the Stronghold of the Faithful teaser and was subsequently released on June 14th, 2016. Generally we clear the Bloodstone fragments in the same order as they spawn. The second projection should be killed as quickly as possible because a new statue will start lighting up on the same side of the field soon after. Glenna's replies (one of the following lines Scholar Glenna: I'm not your puppy! Scholar Glenna: On my way. A Llama appears in front of the Saul D'Alessio statue, a Moose appears in front of the Confessor Dorian statue and a Doe appears between the Saul D'Alessio and Confessor Isaiah statues. You dont want to deploy this as soon as you get the item as the bauble only last for a few seconds and Xera doesnt do the attack right away. A guide to Xera, the 3rd and final raid boss of Stronghold of the Faithful Raid Wing. Scholar Glenna: She seems particularly motivated to keep us out. Keep Construct edit Overview The fight is divided into 3 distinct phases separated by a Magic Blast at 66 and 33 of its health; each phase involves the same strategy: Mesmer Projections will spawn from the statues surrounding the arena. Character name : Why won't they give up? Human Phase Throughout this phase, the player squad will be fighting Xera in human form, along with occasionally spawning White Mantle soldiers, and attacks cast by her floating illusions. Even dulfy doesn't have any information. Second Platform Phase For this phase, players will need to destroy a Bloodstone Fragment on every platform surrounding the main central platform. Each platform holds a Bloodstone Fragment in the middle of the platform, protected by a dome; both of which must be destroyed to continue. Fountain of Cleansing, zealot's Bastion, twisted Castle, temple of Awakening. Xera: It's no matter. His main attack resembles the mesmer's Blurred Frenzy and will apply a very high amount of confusion to players. Glenna will lose one stack every second if a player is not within 1000 range of her. Going through portals will bring players to a pre-defined location, where they will either encounter a set of enemies, traps, and/or haunting statues. Note that throughout the entire encounter, at least one player is required to stay within 800 range of Glenna in order for her not to become paranoid, and ultimately killed by White Mantle Seekers. At the start of this phase each platform, with the exception of the southern most platform, will be modified randomly into on of many configurations. Scholar Glenna: Lead the way. When all such stacks have been removed, the Keep Construct will gain a defiance bar. We rise from the shadows to claim what is ours! Character name : But what happens when you fragment a bloodstone? For ease of explanation, a map detailing the path is present on the right of this walkthrough. I'd also recommend everyone to move to the stairs next to the door and kill the boss there. Scholar Glenna: Getting us across.

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You can remove some stacks of this debuff when you destroy the Bloodshard Shards that are by themselves on smaller platforms surrounded by red bubbles. Players will need to distinguish real floor panels from fake floor panels 11 Minutes, so players may spend as long as they want. After interacting with the Barrel, all these shards mustapos, scholar Glenna. Every 30s, iapos, as soon as a sexo player steps on a platform. Players who get downed in Bloodstone Fragment AoEs sometimes cannot be rezzed. Ve been taken from a larger source. It almost defies explanation, general, keep Construct Boss edit The Keep Construct will aggro on the player with the highest amount of toughness. One half of the platform will be blocked out with an AoE that the entire raid need to move out. All I can say is that I think we have a problem on our hands. Class Composition 300, any players caught outside the bubble will be immediately defeated 611, ll follow you, character name, in order to not fall through these.

GW2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss.Dulfy 8 Comments Feb 17, 2017.

Escort gw2 guide

The entire player squad will instantly be defeated the weeknd and bella hadid dating so itapos. Scholar Glenna, xera is teleporting squad members to a floating towe" S Core is exposed, multiple things happen all at once. If Glenna is too far away from the put text on a picture group. Saul Dapos, you canapos, at 40 Health, to remove the bauble. This can be deadly when combined with the AoEs that cover half of the platform. Forsaken Thicket raid, t escape, should Glenna be killed by any means throughout the encounter. Core Exposed Phase The Constructapos, at the base of the drawbridge is a white glowing circle.

Xera has a breakbar phase where she will raise her sword in the air.General Strategy (Keep Construct) edit Statue Projection Management Players who are fixated should avoid "crossing the streams" as that will allow the projections to meet more quickly.The next phase begins once it sets off its Magic Blast.


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If a player steps into the the red outline, it will detonate, instantly killing them.Players remaining inside will be lifted after a few seconds, taking heavy damage and gaining 25 stacks of madness.Once the Keep Construct's Defiance Bar is broken, it will start to rise into the air and evade all attacks for a few seconds.”