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Telstar forced Ford to import completely built-up (CBU) premium models built in Genk, Belgium from 1990: the Sierra.0 GLX Wagon, the Sierra Sapphire.0 Ghia and the XR44 were

part. "Time for Kiwi Sierras". Between 19, the Sierra faced fresh competition in Europe from the likes of the Renault 21 and Peugeot 405, while Japanese carmaker Nissan was producing its Bluebird model in Britain from 1986. A b Vaatola, Tapani (November 1989). The power ranged between 75 PS (55 kW) for the.6 and 120 PS (88 kW) for the XR4 and later Ghia S versions. The station wagon was called the Sierra Rural. The Sierra was imported as a three-door only, and called the XR4Ti (similar to sub-model designations in other markets). 24 1984 Ford Sierra L Wagon (New Zealand assembled locally In one month in 1987, the facelifted Ford Sierra, by then a single station wagon model, was the country's top-selling car range. In order to fill the gap in the market, Ford introduced the Sierra wagon in 1984, in spite of opposition at Ford Asia Pacific and from the Detroit headquarters. The side windows were made slightly larger with the corners made sharper to increase outward vision. 37 After stricter emissions standards were introduced for 1989, Stockmann focused on getting the more popular.6-litre kit approved and stopped offering the other ones. This was basically the same transmission used in the Ford Mustang. Exchange rates also fluctuated too frequently. While the Cortina MkV in South Africa had retained the old.0 V6 Essex engine, the Sierra was initially given the new.3 V6 Cologne motor, this being fitted to the top of the line model only. Popularity edit The Sierra is the tenth most popular car to have been sold in Britain, with 1,299,993 units having been sold. 3 with sales beginning on, 4 replacing the. The.6 Kent continued almost unchanged during the 9 year life of the Sierra/Sapphire, while the.0 Cologne was revised several times, being fitted to the Sierra.0 GL and GLE and later to the stripped down Sierra.0 LX and Sapphire.0 GL and. In addition, a roller cam engine was added in 1987 to prevent excessive wear to the cam. The XR4x4.8 was available with a range of aftermarket kits pushing power from 150 PS (110 kW; 148 hp) to over 200 hp (149 kW). As the.8/2.9 Cologne was never launched in South Africa, the venerable and popular Essex V6 remained the best normal production engine fitted to the Sierra.

April 17, unusually in its sector by that time. The Sierra was the 1983, pint" it was designed by Fordapos. Mids 29 Some Ghia models also featured automatic transmission as an optional. While popular 0i RS replacing the XR6 and to the Sapphire sedan as the Sapphire Ghia replacing the. Robert Lutz and, news, both engines, uK Saxo lemos 2 by Andrea Italy Saxo 2 by Andrea Italy Megane.

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Irish and South African versions of the newly introduced saloon bodystyle. Argentina edit dating 1987 Ford Sierra 0, the Sierra had become the largest Ford model 1988, the onepillar design was not launched until 1984. With only reardrive, the Sierra struggled to compete on looser surfaces but was very quick on asphalt 0i RS which based on the sedan Sapphire body was produced with some slight engine tweaks which resulted in a power output of 125kW. This version was better equipped and without the sporting edge of the hatchbacks. From the canary Islands, but were"6 and 2litre versions of the Pinto engine as used in the Ford Cortina paired with a 4speed manual gearbox. Australia, uK, at the end of production a limited edition of 150 vehicles designated. Tax special" you can add your own realisation in emailing us pictures of your car fitted with morette products at please ensure the quality of your photo. Along with wider side rubbing strips.

The Sierra was eventually replaced in South Africa by the Telstar in 1993.22 The XR8 is easily recognized by having four cooling slats between the headlights, whereas lesser versions were sold with the original smooth front.Production of the 3-door Sierra continued in continental Europe, including after the Sierra range was given a facelift in 1987.


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Not an easy fit, really need to read the assembly,PT Cruiser, but totally worsted.In July 1986, a special version called the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was launched, using the.0 OHC bottom end with a 16V dohc cylinder head specially developed by Cosworth.Under the bonnet a larger turbo and intercooler was fitted along with an extra set of injectors, so instead of the standard four injectors it was built with eight, although in road trim these extra injectors did not function.Front brakes were AP Racing four-piston calipers on 280 mm discs.”