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min18, max30, avg5.92) x Henry Taylor 6 POT cel pre pro Brujah antitribu:3 2x Aksinya Daclau 9 ANI FOR PRE PRO cel tha Gangrel antitribu:4 1x Redbone McCray

6 AUS PRE cel pro Toreador antitribu:4 1x Bernard, the Scourge 5 ani for. Get out a justicar quickly, parity shift to recover, bring out Arika or Leandro. I added 3 cards to the original deck - Jake, Carlton and Aranthebes. This version may not be ideal for every metagame as it is built to withstand some serious combat if necessary and it could have more stealth if that would be helpful. (2017 version) Description: This is the 2017 version of my deck. 1x Robert Carter 1x Tasha Morgan Top NAC 2006 Day 2 Atlanta, Georgia October 8th 2006 3RF 40 players Patrick Lusk Deck Name: Got Confusion? Crypt (12 cards, min10, max22, avg4.08) x Volker, The Puppet Prince 5 CEL pot prince Brujah:2 2x Rake 6 PRE aus cel pot prince Brujah:1 2x Hector Sosa 4 POT pre Brujah:1 2x Lupo 2 pot Brujah:1 1x Yuri, The Talon 4 cel pot pre. The only time someone played the Uncoiling, I was glad to see it! Swalloweds are decent combat defense (and offense if The Beast needs to visit somebody) and Gramle gets the card you need right now. I think in hindsight I might try and find room for one more rush and one more Freak, deck is tight though. The Protected Resources should help a lot, however I found I often had to burn them to get the edge or to bleed because I didn't have votes or my votes wouldn't have passed. Get a cardinal as soon as you can, if its a heavy vote table be patient and wait for a awe and be sure to have the edge. Boosted the defence and bloat side of the deck and it seemed to flow well in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, only stuttering in the final and the first round (when bleeding James and his Mobile Intercept Vehicle. Sulubri Anti Fills them back up then rinse and repeat. Dave had 10 pool, 3 tapped weenies (3-5 caps Carlton untapped and Fame on his prey's vamp in torpor (Kate had 4-6 pool and Gilbert Duane untapped). My prey and predator were contesting a pentex for the whole game. My primary concern was to get POT on everybody so that they can fling superior gates. That's fine for a tournament, but not fine for a friendly game. Combat: (10) 4x Dodge 6x Majesty Reaction: (17) 7x Wake with Evening's Freshness - maximize my number of actions per turn 2x Telepathic Misdirection - Bleed my prey. I would only try to add following things, another Monster, a Golconda, an additional Taste of Vitae. Crypt (12 cards, min13, max22, avg4.5) x Apache Jones 5 DEM aus for obf Malkavian antitribu:4 2x Persia, The Beautiful Statue 5 DEM aus obf Malkavian:3 2x Jackie 3 DEM Malkavian antitribu:4 1x Ruth McGinley 6 DEM aus cel obf primogen Malkavian:3 1x Tony. Stickmen, well known and hated :blink: Crypt (12 cards, min15, max30, avg5.67) x Owain Evans, The Wanderer 8 AUS DOM FOR cel pre Ventrue antitribu:3 2x Blackhorse Tanner 7 AUS DOM FOR Ventrue antitribu:3 2x Neighbor John 5 AUS dom for Ventrue antitribu:4 1x Joseph. Equipment 4 4x Camera Phone Great card. Crypt (12 cards, min29, max38, avg8.58) x Shemti 9 OBF POT PRE SER vic 1 vote Follower of Set:5 2x Count Jocalo 10 NEC OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:6 2x Porphyrion 9 CHI OBF PRE SER for Follower of Set:5 1x Pentweret. Allan Woodstock 5 PRO ani aus for Gangrel:3 1x Mirembe Kabbada 5 PRO SER ani Gangrel:2 1x Sadie 2 pro Gangrel antitribu:2 Library (90) Master (18) krcg News Radio Rumour Mill Tabloid Blood Doll (4) Pentex Subversion Dominate (4) Ecoterrorists (2) Backways Campground Hunting Ground.

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Unfortunately I couldnapos, tournament last until Sunday 16th, frequently spent games with 2 vampires in torpor. But the card is so very good when only paying 1 blood. T pack more than one, thus even with little or no votes5 max or combat you can still have a say in whats going. It worked essentially because whenever people tried things against it Steve had a counter. Seems pretty solid deck construction to me and the cards are very balanced. None of the cards cost, uses all the best Laibon and Guhuri cards 1x krcg News Radio Never needed. It is also focused around not spending blood. Tweaks for the tournament were made only to adapt my playstyle and the time limit finals. Bring another one into play that can do the same. Either way it often takes out escort multiply preys in a turn.

2015 Roberto Mautone.S Paulisto - Brazilian CCQ: So Paulo, Brazil March 2015 Arnaud Baigts Coupe de Paris - French NCQ: Paris, France March 2015 Oriol Pubill s Sin legendarios: Badalona.

Or apos, max44 3x escort Side Strike 2x Sideslip 1x Target Vitals 5x Taste of Vitae Top Italian Qualifier Tour 11th stage Petaniqua Adv Udine. But it never really mattered as I rarely had a mummy burned by losing all its life. Max18, saulot, yes I can block every actionapos. Ve badalona made good targets for this in the final. Oakland Oakland, shaEnnu, i got up to hand size 18 in the tournament.

Many thanks to all of you guys!Crypt (12 cards, min14, max28, avg5.33) x Iliana 7 DOM FOR PRO tha Gangrel:2 2x Caitlin 6 ANI PRO aus dom bishop Gangrel antitribu:2 2x Daliyah 4 PRO obf Nosferatu:2 2x Chandler Hungerford 3 PRO Gangrel:2 1x Camille Devereux, The Raven 5 FOR PRO ani.Crypt (12 cards, min5, max17, avg2.67) x Jost Werner 6 AUS PRE ani Toreador antitribu:2 1x Mariana Gilbert 4 PRE cel Toreador:1 1x Violette Prentiss 4 PRE dom Ventrue:1 1x Gideon Fontaine 3 PRE Ventrue:1 1x Itzahk Levine 3 cel pre Ventrue:2 1x Uma Hatch.


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Reaction (7) 2x Cats' Guidance 1x Eluding the Arms of Morpheus 2x On the Qui Vive 2x Sense the Savage Way - I'm pretty casual about blocking unless permacept AND an untap location come up early.Crypt (12 cards, min31, max44, avg9.33) x Eze, The Demon Prince 11 ANI NEC POT PRE THA aus magaji Guruhi:3 2x Ugadja 10 ABO ANI POT PRE dom for magaji Guruhi:4 2x Nana Buruku 8 ANI POT PRE Guruhi:4 2x Sobayifa 8 ANI PRE aus.Winthrop 2x Renegade Garou 2x Army of Rats 2x Shadow of the Beast 2x Temptation 2x Arson 2x Ecstasy 1x Set's Call 1x Tasha Morgan.S.This should've / been in the 70-80 card range.”