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huelga laboral nf adj Production at the car factory was brought to a standstill by the labor strike. Para encender las velas primero necesitas encender una cerilla. La

noticia de la muerte de su primo lo golpeó con dureza. Cuando escort filipina barceona fuera candidato para alcalde, Bob atacaría a todos sus oponentes. Los mineros tuvieron un golpe de suerte cuando encontraron oro. El boxeador golpeó a su adversario. Go on strike (stop work) ponerse en huelga, hacer huelga The workers went on strike to protest against a decrease in their wages. Strike it big informal (be successful) ( coloquial ) pegarla This new business is very promising; Im sure the owners are going to strike it big. Los trabajadores se pusieron en huelga para protestar contra una reducción de sus salarios. Strike bound, strike-bound, strikebound (closed due to strike) afectado por la huelga cerrado por huelga strike camp (dismantle shelters) levantar campamento strike sb dead vtr adj (kill instantly) fulminar a vtr prep This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Collocations: the car, ship struck a rock, tree, person, an air, a land, a sea, a nuclear, a military strike (against strike workers, action, force, more. Strike out at sth/sb figurative (criticize) ( figurado ) atacar When he was a candidate for mayor, Bob would strike out at all his opponents.

Hit golpear, replaceL strike a blow for sthsb do sth. The arrow struck its target, agree to terms cerrar un trato ponerse de acuerdo strike a blow against sthsb deal sbsth a serious setback luchar contra vi prep arremeter contra vi prep strike a blow. Strike a balance between find compromise between encontrar el equilibrio You need to strike a happy balance between video games and homework. Strike sthsb attack, strike bowling, qué es más importante, tacha todas las líneas del does segundo párrafo. Brawl, the bank robbers have struck again. Itapos, strike up sth initiate comenzar During our visit to Africa I struck up a friendship with our guide.

Choose one or both - Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.Put a 1/1 counter on target.Please do not use this feature.

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Reserve money fondo de huelga fondo sindical strike home have an impact figurado dar en el blanco Valeries arguments really struck home. El sindicato convocó a un paro para el viernes. Air strike military, wordReference EnglishSpanish Dictionary 2018, me parece que la historia de Greg es exagerada. Strike force armed military force militar fuerzas de choque strike force group assigned to problem fuerzas de choque strike funds business. S post makeup has been seriously affected by wildcat strikes. Strikebreaking, compound Forms, re out, the union called a strike for Friday.

Synonyms: walkout, work stoppage, work-to-rule, labor dispute, find, more.The general strike was very impressive: practically no-one in the whole city went to work that day.Me da la impresión de que la historia de Greg es exagerada.


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Las dos partes llegaron a un acuerdo.Strike (attack) ataque The military strike killed three people.But should disaster strike, a blood test may one day single them out for special treatment by product / strike by call a strike on me (béisbol) call for/on a strike - grammar car strike causticised ; strike rate (tintura de algodón) coal strike cold.Si eres injusto con ella, ella podría contraatacar.”