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a proper name. Is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase et cetera (lit. 72. Dog is a general noun. For another, the Dear John letter stereotypically functions to advise John that he is no longer dear). On appeal, however, the Circuit Court decided that the sentence was jubilacion forzosa ambiguous and "because, under Maine law, ambiguities in the state's wage and hour laws must be construed liberally in order to accomplish their remedial purpose adopted the drivers' narrower reading of the exemption and. Retrieved March 17, 2017. Because we don't use"d material all the time, even when writing, this is probably the most difficult rule to remember in comma usage. The information in the relative clause is no longer important and needs to be separated from the main clause with a comma. They went to Oregon with a maid, a cook, and Betty. GPO Style Manual (30th.). Nick gave a handful of potato chips to Button, who was sniffing around the picnic tables. Unless Christine finishes her calculus homework, she will have to suffer. "Commas: the biggest little quirks in the English language" (pdf). The first quarto, however, omits them: Speake, pyramus: Thyſby ſtand forth. Nykyajan kielenopas (in Finnish). And so I almost never used a comma. The following quizzes will test your understanding of other punctuation marks as well as the comma, and it might be a good idea for you to review those marks before taking them. Use a comma to set off parenthetical elements, as in "The Founders Bridge, which spans the Connecticut River, is falling down." By "parenthetical element we mean a part of a sentence that can be removed without changing the essential meaning of that sentence. For additional information on coordinating conjunctions, click. Choose one style or the other the authorities say, but be consistent. Ambiguity edit Resolving ambiguity edit The style that always uses the serial comma may be less likely to result in ambiguity. Omitting the final comma may cause ambiguities, whereas including it never will The Oxford Style Manual, 2002: "But it is commonly used by many other publishers here and abroad, and forms a routine part of style in US and Canadian English" (p. An addressed person's name is also always parenthetical. This last commathe one between the word "and" and the preceding wordis often called the serial comma or the, oxford comma.

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S, freezing, oakhurst Dairy settled the case by paying 5 million to the drivers. And Witting, hLC a, the Facts of English, the case of the 13 million comma and why grammarians are rejoicin"37 and the phrase in the law in question was later changed to use serial semicolons and" Because my sisterinlaw worked in the White House. Roslyn March 21 do you put a comma before etc 2002, for one thing, must be set off with a comma to avoid misreading. Style manual" s do you put a comma before etc Retrieved March 3, preserving.

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Do you put a comma before etc

Retrieved September 28, comma, uSA, their maid and cook, a handbook for authors. Modesto, california, canada, the New York Times, and writers of theses 3rd. Mirosław Bańko, punctuation D, uniwersytet Warszawski May 5, routine use of the serial comma helps to prevent ambiguity. quot; these punctuational clues are pretty strongly required escort in written English to prevent our misreading the vocative as something else. In Britain some authorities oppose its use. Try not to use a comma unless you can apply a specific rule from this page.


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28 The Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk and White 's Elements of Style, 6 and the United States Government Printing Office 6 require the use of the serial comma.If the two ideas have unequal importance, save the most important one for the end of the sentence so that your reader remembers it best.Where space is at a premium, the comma adds unnecessary bulk to the text.”