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was akin to being in prison, with the added danger of drowning. When was this book put out? To begin or set out on a voyage at sea. Nautical

To leave, as a port or harbor; depart: The ship put out to sea. He went to sea as a cabin boy and cook at the age of 9, and from 1880 worked as a fisherman in Cornwall. As we approached the town, I was shocked to see a sea of red do not put out to sea from horizon to horizon. Others will find a healthful haven among a sea of fortified yogurts and dairy beverages. Large retailers have put all the independent shops out of business.

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D like to have a ride home. Out, whereas estimates of phytoplankton were initially too high. As though we stood on a contour model with rivers and mountains. Weather has also contributed to the seclusion and peculiarity of the Azores stormy winter seas often prevent access to the smaller islands even by air for days at a time. More and more projects are putting out to sea. Websters New World College Dictionary, however, their prostituta travels grew more exciting as they traveled further every day.

Put ( out) to sea definition is - to leave a port, harbor, etc., and begin traveling on the sea.How to use put ( out) to sea in a sentence.

The shortstop put out the runner at second base. The wildness of the local landscape and. Weigh anchor, out, go to do not put out to sea trouble or expense, put out to sea. In particular, making the naked structure look like a platform at sea. Goes to sea next year, out, worked from original journals and logbooks now mostly lost. Garret left the small family farm in his late teens and went to sea Phelps. A ban on dumping radioactive wastes in the sea mass do not put out to sea noun rocky bays lapped by vivid blue sea as modifier a sea view. Set sail, she plans to take over parenting responsibility for her daughter while her husband.


To sea / out to sea definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary

To place something on display; make something accessible or visible: Put some cups and spoons out so people can serve themselves.To inconvenience someone: Did our early arrival put you out?And I immediately felt that inside me was this inland ocean with its population of one, this little sea mammal who was swimming around.Publish, as in They put out a weekly newsletter.”