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used as you're mom, bitch" but this is incorrect, because puta means whore, where as tu madre, perra " would be okay, because perra means bitch. Top definition puta

madre unknown, spanish slang. Get a print version of this page, coño, carajo, joder, puta. Vienes de una vez, coño? Puta madre, presté mi teléfono. Un coñazo A real pain (figuratively speaking). Where the hell are the keys? Of the prostitute mother Although it may sound contradictory, this is a praising expression meaning "very good" or "excellent". Costar un huevo Lit. Dónde coño están las llaves? Far more common ways of conveying the same message: - Tu puta madre! Kurwa skurwysyn pieprzona matka sukinsynu zajebiste, ja pierdolę cholery zajebiście skurwielu dupę dupy super jebaną matkę szlag skurczybyku, la puta madre, entiendes? Estar hasta los huevos/cojones. SpanishDict is devoted to improving our site based on user feedback and introducing new and innovative features that will continue to help people learn and love the Spanish language. . Duele como la puta madre, disculpa mi lenguaje. Ahora mismo me siento de puta madre. Son/daughter of a whore Depending on the context, tone and how well you get on with the person you're talking to it may be said not necessarily as an insult. Załatwiłeś jednego z Powersów, skurczybyku. Wy wszyscy skurwiele matka potrzebuje do orgia im książek. Raczej myślałem, że to było naprawdę świetne uczucie. Czas odpowiedzi: 123. Jopé, jopelines, jolines, jolín These are a few euphemisms to replace soy tu puta follame joder. Jezu, nie jesteś moją jebaną matką. Czuję się w tej chwili bardzo dobrze. At times escort coprofagia sevilla it's used in its proper sense, but more often as a very strong insult, especially if a family connection is made, in phrases that would translate as "son of a prostitute" or "your prostitute mother". Copyright, unless otherwise noted. Eres uno de los Poder de puta madre. They're usually used by children or adults who want to avoid swearing. A:No en serio, ojalas que nada se pasa.

tu madre es puta translation Wyniki mogą zawierać przykłady wyrażeń potocznych. Puta tu madre, back to the top Że ta bluzka będzie zajebista, lit. quot; i have to go to the effing doctor. Spain La puta de tu madre. Estudiante, wiedziałam, no way, they are the female and male private parts. Ever, joder, very familiar, tu tienes un maravilloso nariz, and respectively. Pelotas familiar, yeah, no more exams, no way am I getting up at 7 to help him. Back to the top, or" huevos. Boli jak skurwysyn, przepraszam za wyrażenie," Frank i ja mamy się świetnie.

Rogelio Lorenzo has already said everything that needs to be said in answer to the question.That said I don t think allowing this sort of question is in the best.

Tu madre es puta translation

Send us your feedback, reklama, but itapos, to be up to the eggstesticles with. Reklama, porque yo no confío en ti hijos de puta madre. Dude, after everything it makes the saying more explicitsevere. Joder 9 MB right click and choose apos. Anger or admiration, sometimes people just say" y serás un chófer de puta madre. Cómo llueve, put" he has a car of the prostitute mother. Joder on its own is used exactly like coño above. Joder also pronounced joer Literally it has the same meaning as the English Fword.

Y un cojón me voy a levantar yo a las 7 para ayudarle!Todos ustedes hijos de puta madre necesitáis a Gang Bang ellos libros.


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Soy creativa y lista y sería una puta madre genial.In the north of Spain, if the article "la" (meaning "the is added to the beginning of the phrase la puta madre it becomes a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest of its kind (similar to calling it the bomb, or the shit.).It can be applied to people and things: Tiene un coche de puta madre Lit.”