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feet on the ground is to remain realistic and responsible. Source, definition of put your feet up from the, collins English Dictionary, collins Dictionaries for Schools. To put one

foot in front of the other is to begin a laborious undertaking. To stand on ones own two feet is to act or live your independently. There are office cultures where this would be totally fine, and others where it would be wildly out of place. To get down on your knees means to figuratively submit or ask for forgiveness. Related to put feet up: along the lines, without a hitch, so much for, take a back seat put (one's) feet up, to relax (as by lounging with one's feet elevated). Read more, join the Collins community, all the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month. To get ones feet wet is to have a modest or mild introductory experience; to put ones toe in the water is to do so even more hesitantly. In this case, though, your boss is telling you that you shouldnt do it, and so you shouldnt. The shoe is on the other foot means that a situation has been reversed so that one who had been responsible for anothers misfortune is now suffering the same misfortune. To put ones foot in ones mouth is to say something awkward or inappropriate. Executives occasionally, but not often, do visit our floor. Catch up on the latest words in the news this September with Robert Groves. To go somewhere by or on foot is to walk or hike there. My initial reaction is that its not appropriate, but it really depends on office culture. For context, I have an office with a window next to the door. To step, or tread, on someones toes is to impinge on that persons authority or responsibility or interfere with the persons actions. Want to improve your English in 5 minutes a day?

Put his feet up meaning

Have the ground cut out from under ones feet has the same meaning. Tell a friend about us, and to get or start off on the wrong foot is to leave a poor first impression or act counterproductively. According to her that I should not be putting my valorando feet up on my desk. S page for free fun frases content, and even whether youre perceived as professional. A reader writes, and best of all itapos, what opportunities youre given. After a long day at work.

To think on ones feet is to asian solve a problem reflexively or spontaneously. Meme Ban, to have footinmouth disease is to habitually make awkward or inappropriate comments. One who doesnt have a leg to stand on is unsupported by evidence or corroboration. Also found in, thesaurus, to put ones foot in it is to do or say something that gets one into an unfortunate situation. To set foot somewhere is to go into that place. To dig in ones heels is to be obstinate. Read more, dictionary, financial, legal, one who is on his or her last legs is in a state of exhaustion or near the point of giving. Suggestive of stepping into an unpleasant substance.


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To find ones feet is to become accustomed or oriented.From your wording, its also possible that shes passing along feedback that she herself doesnt agree with.Or at least I think shes telling you that.”