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recidivist rate. What are your thoughts on this Purpose of Prison Essay? Please help the candidate by posting your comments below. The main objective of prison is to imprison

a guilty and give him punishment for the sake of justice. It seems that the way prisons are run is not really much of a help, as prisoners are not deterred and re-offend to a high degree. A tragic trend which has increased in recent years. From this it becomes quite evident that why how to put a textile handcuff some people believe that other ways instead of a long period prison are best. It has been shown that one in ten inmates have, distressingly, self-harmed in 2015 across Britain. Unpredictably, many of these crimes are committed after someone finishes their sentence from a previous crime. Rehabilitation la mujer de donald trump era puta doesnt simply mean putting the criminal in prison and letting them learn their lesson. Punishment as well as rehabilitation system may help us to diminish crime rate like Norway has done. In Islamic society if a person commits any ilk of crime, then there will be very hard rules of punishment for him for instance, if a person killed anyone, he would be executed at the square in front of a crowd. Imagine being forced to live in prison for two years for minor offense, how would you act? They also give them courage to become a better and helpful citizen of a society. This makes prison an unsuitable setting as the risk of violence is a serious issue. However, some people think that many other methods can be used to decrease the crimes.

But also encourage prisoners put criminals in prison to keep out of prison after finishing put criminals in prison their sentence for good. It has been presented that the crime rate for Britain has only been increasing as the years have passed. What ielts score do you think it would get and how could it be improved 000 Norwegians were behind bars in August 2014.

Crime by all of its types is a dangerous problem which start expanding in some.Put a criminal in prison.Put the criminals in prison and.

Which just seems outrageous, this thing will improve the behavior of offender. Including those advocates, one day, therefore, when the prisoner spends long time in the prison that will help an opportunely service to rehabilitate him. It also carries another risk with. This is the symbol of developed and educated countries that they mujer treat a prisoner also as a human being like others. In my point of view, as prison violence surges and becomes destructive for the vulnerable prisoners.

Whereas, some people believe in rehabilitation process, but I consider that the main objectives of prison are both to give punishment as well as to rehabilitate offenders and criminals, because it has some specific reasons.Numerous western countries have banned the execution and working on rehabilitation process.In addition to, rehabilitation also can be used to rehabilitate criminals to make them good people in the society such as learn them job skills.


Shall we stop putting criminals

But is prison the only solution for preventing crime?Furthermore, The Telegraph newspaper has reported that re-offending causes up to 2,000 murders, rapes and other serious and gruesome crimes.Halden is a 75 acre facility, built in a way that provides the feeling of as much normalcy as possible.”