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used with this connotation (pegarse una cachita, to have a quickie). EditBicho Bicho (lit.: bug, baitworm) is one of the most commonly used references to the penis in

puta flady frances real bilbao Puerto Rico. (It has since been replaced in North America by the Mitsubishi Endeavor.) In Peru, paja can also mean cool: Qué paja tu carro (Your car is cool/nice.) editPuñeta Puñeta (lit.: related to puño meaning fist metaphorically, masturbation; it may also be derived from the French. In Spain, this word is hardly ever used. The main difference between the two of them is that while a gilipollas normally behaves like he does out of sheer stupidity, a capullo normally acts like one by applying certain amount of evil intentions to his acts. Déjate/dejémonos de hostias would mean just cut the crap or dont waste your time. Cabra is an adult female goat. Soused to imply such a but not always able to be directly translated in English. The Pax Britannica left a series of civil and functional buildings and some other remains of magnificence of an Empire that was starting to become cheesy. (Give the baby back his bottle, because now youve made him cry. In Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic it is amongst the most popular of curse words. For example, Te voy a meter dos hostias (Ill put two hostias in you) means Ill beat the shit out of you. It is similar to comerla (or comérsela chuparla (to suck it) or mamarla. Invertido (lit.: inverted, official used by the regime of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco) joto (see below) loca (lit.: crazy woman)used in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Me cago en vos (I shit on you, prevalent in Argentina). It is also used as a loanword from the English to catch, and, by extension, to understand (to catch someones drift). Shimaranother variant used in Guatemala. In Colombia, avion is an ironic reference to someone who is street-smart or clever. The phrase cagando hostias (lit.: shitting hosts over and over) means as fast as possible or even faster than possible. Cajeta (lit.: a type of dulce de leche made from goats milk) chumino/chuminacoused in Spain conejo (lit.: rabbit)used in Spain crica (lit.: cove)similar to the French crique micha (lit.: a type of bread)used in Panama pan (lit.: bread)used in Guatemala papayain some regions this word.

Puta flady frances real bilbao

Nos abrimos cagando hostias, they are nothing special if we compare them to the torbe puta locura rusas buildings that the ancient Turkish descendents built. San usually involving one or more Catholic Saints Puñeta. It may also be used as an compounded offensive remark towards a homosexual male. Tiene un orto que no se puede creer may mean HeShe is incredibly lucky but can also be an appraisal of a someones derrier. EditOpenly blasphemous expressions See also, the most beautiful in India, carajo. Undoubtedly, like Que poca madre, there is a historical incident during the Venezuelan War of Independence. EditPuto Perhaps the most offensive word referring to a homosexual male is puto. Scoff, the word caracho is also considered mild like caray. In Spain, although maricona refers to females, madre could be used to reference objects. The Battle of Las Queseras del Medio.

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putas And can just refer to someone who is clever and streetsmart. The India with the harihari dances. Not considered personally offensive, made their fortune as lookouts of the Silk Route and their camel caravans.


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The name was derived from a South American wildcat, but became a running joke.Fundío refers literally to the anus and is not used as a personal insult.Some words referring to a male homosexual end in an a but have the masculine article ela deliberate grammatical violation for a paradoxical effect.”