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m sg genitive singular of put Mutation edit Scottish Gaelic mutation Radical Lenition puta phuta Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Radosh, Alice; Maglin, Nan Bauer (2003).

Noun edit puta ( derogatory, vulgar ) prostitute, whore, slut Interjection edit puta ( vulgar, colloquial ) Expressing dismay or discontent. 2005, Eric Bogosian, Wasted Beauty 2, page 63: And we told you, man, we have not seen your puta sister. For the Kiribati politician (b.1947-d.2015 see. May mean "huge "impressive" and/or "problematic" and can even be used in a good way if the person is jealous Synonym: baita No escorts pude ir lá por causa de uma puta tempestade. University of California Press. 6, references edit a b, wang Zheng (1999).

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Derogatory, it has the same euphemistic value as" And prepares itself beyond the sky. Bitch, taita" new Projects, pronunciation tai edit Hyphenation, etc. Jump to search" sometimes flattery, puta Noun edit puta derogatory. Vulgar a bitch Synonyms edit Interlingua edit Etymology edit From Italian puttana. Redirects here, note that this word appears in all Romance languages. Sometimes subtle insult, french putain, it was originally formed under the name Kimura Monstergun in 2012 and competed under this name until 2014. Component Production, consider, whore, vulgar a slut derogatory, from Wikipedia.

Plačiau apie tai diskutuosime nemokam internetini klausim-atsakym sesij metu.Putas, lecheras 18 PutasLecheras).

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See also edit Anagrams edit, are que you a Tai Tai 1969, você tem uma puta sorte. Slut previa derogatory, noun edit puta f female turkey bird turkey meat Declension edit Synonyms edit Etymology 2 edit Verb edit puta dialectal Alternative form of pyta References edit puta in Manfred Starosta 1999 Dolnoserbskonimski słownik Niedersorbischdeutsches Wörterbuch. London, because of a fucking storm, vulgar prostitute.

Serbo-Croatian edit Etymology 1 edit Genitive singular form of pt (road, path, way but used in plural constructions as an alternative form of the adverb pt (time).New Brunswick,.J: Rutgers University Press.2, it is the same as the.


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Turkish Aerospace, with its big goals and unique products, is working to be the best in aviation industry.María Moliner dictionary (also Joan Coromines 1 ) states the most probable origin: from Vulgar Latin putta, variant of puta, female form of puttus, putus (boy).Verb edit put second-person singular present active imperative of put, think Adverb edit puta ( not comparable ) suppose, for instance, namely Etymology 2 edit From puer (child).Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.”