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you wanna party with. Blazert40: I'll give you 32 mins to live. Hold up, wait a minute, money - I'm gonna spend. Visit our support page. Search options, search in forums: Select the forum or forums you wish to search. Paparaz' photo my side bitch in Manolo. It's all about dough though, my knuckle game like Cotto. I have been barfing ever since. Dame lingua, give tongue while I hit. My style so pure, I'm so couture. The black James Bond, nigga I'm a Don. Search within: Post subjects and message text Message text only Topic titles only First post of topics only. Put your hands up, put 'em where my eyes can see. Fool, my swag unlimited, so fly, ain't shit I can't buy. And when they pop it and lock it, they know I'm with.

Put your fukin hands up sample. Lefazos en la puta cara

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Memo Kazz, do you want your dick bit off?Didn t we just have an in -depth discussion earlier today on why that s not a good thing?Official Music Sales Charts in, spain.

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