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a personal-values approach to all things, including job hunting and resume writing, and youll line up with your dream job in no time. This is an easy one; you

put should always include LinkedIn. I wanted whoever took a look at it to quickly get a good idea of the different things that Im capable of doing, Rasheed told me when I reached out to learn more about her social media masterpiece. That said, there are sites that I would be hard-pressed to think would make sense to include on a resume. Endorsements are skills and expertise that someone else thinks you have. Recruiters look at dozens of the same resumes day in and day out, so grab their attention! As she puts it: Closed mouths dont get fed. What social media accounts to include on your resume. I think this is a safe assumption to make for most PR pre-pros). Technical Skills, if you are in Information Technology, include technical skills. Why not beat them to the punch and say, Here I am and this is why you want me to work for you (this is also made under the assumption that your social media identity is kept clean/ professional. This means your profile needs to have a proper (and professional) photo, a well-written summary, and a comprehensive work-experience section at the minimum! Brand Republic: Social Media talent vacuum in PR and Marketing (Special thanks to @ kionsanders @ bitty_boop lmnovo @ patrickbjohnson @ aaronwolowiec adamVincenzini @ dfriedman16 tBlinkedin @ lisaatufunwa pattyBaragar estrellaBella10 alexiaHarris @ han_ma @ Worob @ thescottbishop @ PRtini @ sjhalestorm ) Advertisements Entry filed. LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and qualifications. If your Instagram is pictures of your dog, dont bother. Your resume helps hiring managers determine if are able to do the job based on your listed skills. Sjhalestorm, fits very well into contact info. Thescottbishop, if you have an active and valuable twitter brandadd it to your resume (but be aware of what lleva you tweet). Since marketing shows up in nearly every profession these days, if you can show that you understand personal branding youll have a leg. I put my twitter handle in my resume. Here's what to include on your LinkedIn profile and how to give it a makeover, if it needs one. It makes sense to include Instagram if visual storytelling or branding is an aspect of the job youre applying for since thats essentially the purpose of Instagram: to tell a story in pictures. Have TopResume give you free, objective resume feedback today! We know that a creative resume isnt for every job, but Rasheeds bold and beautiful way of showcasing her strengths is a good reminder that sometimes you have to think outside the box when traditional methods arent working for you. Twitter is a wonderful personal-branding tool and a fantastic profile to include in your job application because you can demonstrate a multitude of interests and attributes through your feed. Polly Irungu and, xavier Burgin with Twitter resumes. Whether the recruiter looks at all of your videos or just one, you can use YouTube as a way to present yourself as a marketer, salesperson, public speaker, and broadcaster. Read: How Long Does it Take to Find a New Job? To encourage people to give you endorsements, give your LinkedIn contacts endorsements first. Include GPA if you are.8 or above. When you feel like youve tried everything in your job search and are getting crickets, youve probably thought about taking the creative route. Click on the following link for more resume advice. It better be optimized. Job applicants need to find new, innovative ways to stand out from the crowd.

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Since we spoke in August, this is an opportunity to be authentic and show a bit of personality. Summary, omit high school education, a custom URL can be as simple as just your name. Read the top bookshelves half of your resume and ask yourself if your background looks relevant to the job you are applying for. But is the bridge between online and onpaper one that should be built. Shes gotten a lot of positive feedback on the threadseveral people have sent her job openings.

So, why not put your profiles on your resume.including if its.I put my twitter handle in my resume.

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But most employers will prefer a infantilismo hard copy for the final interview or will print off your paperless version onto paper during the application process. See more tips for writing a LinkedIn cirugia summary. It can tell a story, youll have to think carefully about whether it has a direct connection to the job or not. And whats important to you, there are some social networks that definitely should not be on your resume. I love YouTube as a way to tell stories that showcase you as a thought leader especially in sales. Also be sure to write a headline at the top of your profile this is like a resume headline. Be certain that its public and active. I knew that I needed to do something creative like that again to stand out from the crowd. Or leadership positions, check out, marketing, while she hasnt landed her dream gig yet.

From a public content perspective, its a live site and it allows you to tell stories like every other social network but these stories are live.In short, your Twitter profile should show off your multifaceted personality thats compelling if youre going to use it as a part of your job application.Give potential employers all the opps you can to stalk you by including Twitter handle ( others) then impress them.


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Gives feeling that you are involved, not hiding. .Careerealisms Resume: 20 Down and Dirty on What to Include.You also need to fully understand how each network functions, particularly from security and privacy standpoints.They can also see endorsements and reviews from your colleagues, clients, and managers.”