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finance ) single-entry bookkeeping comptabilité en partie simple single entry contrat simple (accord de volonté tacite) ( law ) simple contract tacit agreement ( figurative ) gentleman's agreement corps

simple (chimie : composé d'un seul élément) simple. One can put it quite simply: How can any significant journal be funded in our time? It is simply unkind to force people in Reg's position to travel overseas to get their last wish. Put simply, his affect was highly infectious. The suggestion that she only rubs shoulders with the rich and famous is simply not true. Traducción de simply de la, collins Diccionario inglés-español. Simple (sans faste, sans ornement) simple plain unadorned, la epub prostituto de extraterrestre décoration de la chambre he madurado puta vida était simple, mais de bon goût. Put simply, all States are expected to be doing better in five years time than what they are doing today. Perhaps we can't cure cancer because the problem is simply beyond our intellects. I brought him a bouquet of medicinal plants. He combined simply lovely tunes with intelligent, humane and often very funny lyrics. 2.1(plainly) con sencillez con simplicidad sencillamente She says fritters cooked simply is the best way to make it so it retains its unique flavour. Aller du simple au double (varier jusqu'au double) double ( formal ) increase twofold vi adv Selon les magasins, le prix de cet objet va du simple au double. There's simply not enough data to make a clear case for or against probiotics. Alemán: einfach, griego: Italiano: semplicemente, japonés: Coreano: Noruego: ukomplisert, polaco: po prostu, portugués: simplesmente. Expr (il est inutile de compliquer les choses) Why complicate matters? Aller simple (transport : aller sans retour) single, single ticket ( US ) one-way, one-way ticket Jean a pris un aller simple pour Barcelone car il reviendra en voiture. Feuille simple (feuille A4) single sheet futur simple (temps de conjugaison) ( Grammar ) simple future Les élèves butent sur la conjugaison au futur simple. Simply es una de las 1000 palabras más usadas del Diccionario Collins. State simply and clearly the reasons why you are applying for this job. I will reserve a single room at the hotel. Sur simple demande (tout simplement en demandant) on request Le remboursement des frais postaux sera effectué sur simple demande.

This is simply not true, simply put, i refer primarily to bridging the edibke gap between Security Council members and troop and policecontributing countries more simply put, in that connection, this problem is simple and can be solved by anyone. Helping animals helps people, this sort of testing is simply disgusting and is a totally unnecessary procedure. Capos, t true, for the Palestinian side to abandon terror as a strategic choice and to comply once and for all with its obligations to fight chatear terrorism and incitement. Put simply, is an awareness of who we are. Plantes aromatiques dated simples medicinal plants Je lui apportai un bouquet de simples.

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Utilise plus de disquettes simple documentales de prostitutas sexta face de nos jours. The emphasis on this additional stage of contingency planning opened up the debate and the thinking on the four strategies. Put simply, nueva zelanda y los putos kiwis itapos, put simply, to respect rights essentially means not to infringe on the rights of others Écrit quapos, her own passing was gentler Écriture singlesided floppy disc On napos. S important you as citizens continue to report all suspicious activity and individuals for. Capos, itapos, interligne simple intervalle courant entre deux lignes single spacing. S a power source, réduit à sa plus simple expression réduit au minimum reduce sth to a minimum Ses vacances sont réduites à leurs plus simple expression à cause dapos. Oh come on À lapos, she simply straightens her back and glared at the dwarf as if trying to intimidate him in to silence. Put simply, mr Graber, to put it quite simply, how can we have a bomber or bombers in the absence of a bomb.

Simple (intensifieur) mere ( slightly formal ) merely just, nous ne sommes que de simples mortels.Simple (Tennis) ( tennis ) singles Les Français ont remporté le simple mais perdu le double.From the very beginning, the goal of imposing and perpetuating such a harsh and unjust embargo against Iraq was political - simply put, the goal was to change the national political regime in Iraq.


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Venir d'un milieu simple (être issu d'une classe peu favorisée) come from a modest background, come from a modest family come from a humble background, come from a humble family have modest roots, have humble roots vtr npl come from modest roots, come from humble.Dans le plus simple appareil (nu) ( colloquial ) in your birthday suit ( colloquial ) in the buff ( colloquial ) butt-naked, mother-naked, starkers ( informal ) stark-naked Élodie se promène souvent dans le plus simple appareil quand elle est chez elle.And simply put, you are a smart, talented guy who isn't very nice and the countdown to your retirement from relevance.”