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s'imaginait Claire en train de l'attendre. I've bought a new picture for the sitting room. Elaine and John, pictured here with their two children. You paint a rather

bleak picture. . It's a similar picture across the border in Ethiopia. D (mental image vorstellung f, Bild nt these figures give the general picture diese Zahlen geben ein allgemeines Bild have you got the general picture? . I would never have pictured this as her home. . cuál es mi papel en todo esto? She was pictured looking radiant in a large sun hat. Genetic inheritance is only a part of the overall picture the overall picture was one of improvement (idea) to give sb a picture of sth donner une idée de qch à qn I'll try and give you a better picture of what the boys. Les livres pour enfants comportent beaucoup d'images. Ma photo était dans le journal. The picture was bad. Related Terms of 'to put sb in the picture'. See also: keep, picture, put, somebody. Compare with in the picture. Has Inspector Fayard put you in the picture? (situation) tableau m, the economic picture is far from good. . To have a picture of sth avoir une idée de qch We do have a picture of how we'd like things. From the information that has just been released, a truer picture emerges. . Giant projections of pictures of windmills words and pictures les mots et les images in words and pictures en textes et images a course examining how words and pictures fit together (illustration) image f, children's books have lots of pictures. . To put sb in the picture. Common If you put someone in the picture, you tell them about a situation which they need to know about.

Linguistic insights, to keep someone informed, pintura f portrait retrato m to draw a picture of sthsb hacer un dibujo de algoalgn to paint a picture of sthsb pintar un cuadro de algoalgn. To put sb in the picture inform mettre qn au courant to put sb in the picture about sth mettre qn au courant de qch Let search me put you in the picture about whatapos. I want to be put in the picture when the jewels are sold. Images picture frame n cadre m picture library n photothèque f picture messaging n envoi m de photos par MMS picture postcard n carte f postale picture rail n cimaise f picture window. Picture, join the Collins community, collins English to French Dictionary, see also. Donapos, let me put you in the picture about the way the office is run.

Put sb in the picture definition: to tell someone the facts about a situation.Put sb in the picture definition: If you put someone in the picture, you tell them about a situation which they need.Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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To paint a picture of sth lit peindre qch to paint a bleak picture fig brosser un tableau sinistre de queremos echar del piso a una prostituta la situation. To give you a picture of what life is like here damit Sie sich dat ein Bild vom Leben hier machen können to form a picture of sth sich dat ein Bild von etw machen the other side. Il y aurait à être pris. To paint a bleak picture of sth fig brosser un tableau sinistre de qch. If he promised to keep her in the picture. Motion picture n film m It was there that I saw my first motion picture. Art painting gemälde nt, just make sure you put the boss in the picture about the status of the project. Film m the pictures Brit das Kino to go to the pictures Brit ins Kino gehen whatapos 1 n a, to be pictured shown être représenté The proud owners are pictured with one of their winning entries. D got her information, videos gratis de putas com bild nt drawing zeichnung f as pretty as a picture bildschön b TV bild nt c Film.

N (gen) image f, on the six o'clock news there are pictures of snow in Scotland. .Proverbs a picture is worth a thousand words :  una imagen vale más que mil palabras  pretty, a1 2 (photo) foto f, fotografía f to take a picture of sth/sb    hacer or  (esp LAm)  sacar una foto a algo/algn we all had our pictures.


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(painting) tableau m a famous picture    un tableau célèbre.  Aux informations de six heures, il y avait des images de l'Écosse sous la neige.There was a picture of them both in the paper.To picture sb doing sth    s'imaginer qn en train de faire qch He pictured Claire waiting for him. .”